European Diploma In International Travel Industry Studies

This European Diploma in International Travel Industry Studies programme helps students develop the fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding required to embark on a career as a cabin crew, an airport passenger services agent, or any customer service-oriented jobs. Our proven practical and job-oriented programme will mould you into the right cabin crew material.

This internationally recognized diploma is industry endorsed by College of Ireland, many international airlines have endorsed our program. We work closely with our International partner, International Academy of Travel, Ireland. It is designed to place you ahead of the competition and provide you with the necessary skills, qualifications, and the right attitude to make you stand out significantly!


European Diploma In International Travel Industry Studies, a program which is internationally recognized diploma endorsed by college of Ireland, many international airlines have endorsed our program

  • Airline Dress Codes & Grooming Standards
  • Personal Development Training
  • Preventing & Managing Disruptive Passenger Behavior
  • Travel Industry Sectors
  • Phonetic Alphabets
  • Airline Terminology
  • Airline Abbreviations
  • 24-Hour Clock
  • Travel Industry Organizations
  • Special Handling for Different Categories of Passengers
  • PRM Training
  • Airline Two Letter Codes
  • IATA Airport & City Codes
  • Human Factors
  • Health & Safety
  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods
  • Grooming & Deportment
  • Aviation Authorities
  • Cabin Crew Duties & Responsibilities
  • Cabin Safety Equipment
  • In-Flight Services
  • Passenger Handling Procedures
  • In-Flight Medical Care
  • Basic Flight Theory
  • Survival Training
  • In-Flight Fire Fighting
  • Cabin Decompression
  • Food Hygiene
  • Time Zones
  • First Point of Contact
  • Personal Approach
  • The Airport Process
  • Security Regulations
  • Passenger/Baggage Security
  • Check Passenger Handling
  • Passport & Visa Checks
  • Seating Restrictions & Selection
  • Basic Components of an Aircraft
  • Service Information
  • Computerised Check-In & Gate Handling


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